I would like to share my story with the world. My name is R. I set out fighting for Justice based on Employment. (March 2018) I was told to leave my job. I can't say much on this matter as it's with Justice as I write this. What I didn't realise is this was a whole new beginning of a whole new world. Greater Manchester Police didn't investigate a major crime of Rape and left me shattered. Jan. 2018. I had to point out to the officer that failing to investigate a major crime by an officer will be held accountable. This was a ruling by GMP. Officer in question failed to investigate how I got to perpetrator's house. I have no reconciliation if I flew there, swam or was taken in his car. The officer came with her DI to my house 27 miles just to break it to me that it's NFA (No Further Action) based on what? I broke down and asked them to leave the moment they came. I relied on this officer to bring me Justice. All she ever did was ask for my medical history. Proclaiming Rapists mum said you were hugging the rapist in the morning???! I asked the officer to get his mum to photo identify me as his mum and I never saw each other. Everything was ignored. The rapist had a baton by the bed? Who uses batons? Why was it not investigated? Why was more investigation done behind my mental health than that of Rape?

Murder attempt on February 2019 was another crime not leaving my mind. I saw Sgt leave with a heavy sports bag which tensed his muscles. I followed the muscles and realized the heavy bag was going to be used on us the night before when the criminal herself got someone to txt me. Came banging my door down scaring my child. Then came to my window screaming out. I have a message and video confirming the same. The police came down 5 hours later. When I mentioned this, they kept asking if my partner was present. I advised he wasn't and asked them to go to Perpetrators house. Police advised we don't think it's a good idea as it will make things worst. I asked the Officers to do their duty, please. Police closed it with section 4 Public Order. I still didn't realize it was the Sgt. face although I was shaken up seeing the bag my main focus was on some hitman was hired. Having seen how much Police was coming to my door. Seeking my whereabouts and seeing and realising they want to admit me or get me arrested I realized the man I saw was the same man I met last year after the assault by PCSO. I then saw his picture on Twitter in one of QC's post and became alarmed and distressed. I became a victim of Gaslighting by Sgt. His force and then found other people seeking to help him. I.e. School. NHS therapist whom I loved. Trusted and felt was a mirror for R. I was wrong. My therapist failed to put down 12 important crimes I told her about. School failed to acknowledge me and still went behind my back although I wrote a letter out to say. Do not contact the Police or Housing. School headteacher stated to my face she didn't contact housing this was after offering to allow school premises for mediation between Police, housing and therapist. I declined. Headteacher at St Alban's school lied saying no contact was made. Principle advised Headteacher was only trying to help by contacting housing. Hence confirming contact was made. I asked about school ethos and values pointing out they follow Christianity and whatever happened to "Thou, shall not Lie" My children were taken out of school. Governer for the school contacted me and asked to meet at a venue paid for by the school. I declined why waste public funds when it can be spent educating children? Anything the school wants to say can be addressed in writing. I have heard back from the Governor. Who asked me what I felt about "Love Thy Neighbour" I advised I love it when people quote from holy scriptures I did Love thy neighbor until they turned into criminals. Gaslighting is a classic technique used for one to question their sanity. Making you think and dependent on Gaslighter for the "Truth" Making you think "Truth isn't Truth"

I decided to whistleblow on the crimes. His officers wanting to arrest me under Mental ACT 137. Officers who came 2 men and a lady. All came to take my complaint towards housing which I emailed their Sergeant for. Stating they're not allowing me cameras. I exposed institution but the latest exposure was about to hit me in my face. Officer Needham asked me to get the letter that asked for a payment of £648 immediately or I was facing court officer calling for eviction. I went to get the letter and when I came down I saw Pc holding my camera. I am too polite and didn't even say why are you touching my property. Video Evidence of PC wanting to arrest me and admit me. Looking to be admitted to a mental hospital. PC made a fist to hit me when I said you're exposed, officers. This too is classed as an assault. Police complaints department stating we will see if it's criminal or just misconduct. Apply the correct laws. Enforce them. You're the Law Enforcers. The institution has joined the force. Looking for committal in Prison for 2 years. Looking to evict me and my children. Housing was not allowing me security cameras when I told them about the murder attempt in February. The whole purpose of security cameras is to prevent crime. Yet they avoided me for 3 weeks. Made an excuse. I advised I need to safeguard my children. No one in housing was listening. Not even for children who are solely dependent on me as not only their mother but their father too. Many crimes have not been investigated or even recorded this is the case after I saw Subject Access records. Street crimes were covered. 2 counts of Assault. One by PCSO in the making. Whom although I have shown evidence for the PCSO wearing a uniform and holding an award from the Police Force I was told doesn't work for Constabulary. This was said by Sergeant the first and last time I met him. He didn't know who I was talking about as this person wasn't in the force. 2 witnesses evidence I have one witness asks me why she has to repeat herself and why Police keep coming to her door to ask the same questions. Police then tried to scare this witness off and called social services on her. This was another ploy from this PCSO to tell officers this woman's children were at home alone. Police chose to start searching her house and in fear of the Police, this witness then decided she no longer wanted to be harassed. No longer going to comment on the assault by the perpetrator. The second assault that took place by PCSO or should I say (ex Pcso in the making her aunty kicked me) and I decided to self defend myself. The institution came to her rescue and sought to put a power of arrest on me. So the street can aggregate matters and put me behind bars. I rose above their game plan. Justice for R As I fight this Injunction and seek to take matters further for crimes. If the Injunction is granted I will hold them against it when I contest it at a later date. For now. I will persevere with whatever lies are thrown at me. As they think bullying me into signing a document for a crime I didn't commit is going to make them reach for their mission of committing me. Sorry I won't sign that. I have said If you want to draw up a document to say I and they will not speak to each other and leave each other alone from this day forward. I'll sign that. Yet I am waiting to see what will happen. They can threaten me with thousands of pounds but I will not give in. I will keep fighting back till I get the Truth to Justice. Witnesses are ex-convicts advising police that I need psychiatric help. Since when did Police listen to ex convicted murderers? This aunty of PCSO I have a video for screaming and shouting at me for someone saying "go and have a word with your mother" Her mother has passed and she has every right to be angry. Yet she's calling out me get her out? She was infuriated with the guy who said this. Yet in February 2019 they all go into criminals house together. She has a private conversation with this man's sister who made derogatory comments. I couldn't fathom what they were all on. Why are they showing they're distraught of what was said yet going in together at a house, later on, to commit destruction on my family. Police becoming friends with the criminal who played a vital part. Allowing Sgt to use her home for attempted murder.

This individual came into my house and I went out in the rain for her sick child to drive her to local Tesco for medicine. Not to mention so many favors of dropping and picking her sister up. Cooking for her. Cleaning after their parties which I became fed up with. I don't want any parties I never did. It's not my party and I am not hosting it. Bringing strangers to my house. This became a routine. Yet when I said you just witnessed my neighbor's ex as she was standing watching him threaten me. Her words: I didn't see anything. Made me realise who she was. Then she resorted to all sorts. Getting her child to try and hit me. Constantly in my face. As she had the power of Sgt law protecting her. Disgraceful. Her crimes I have a long list for. Yet she enjoyed not having to get any tenancy warnings or held accountable for crimes. If you give the criminals the power to take law into their own hands. They will. Lying to say my anonymous facebook page made her upset. Well, I mentioned no names so why would she get upset? If she was so upset why would she put a laughing emoji and then take it off within seconds? Too bad I took the screenshot to show how upset she was. Guilty bearing guilt makes her upset and officer supports an Injunction based on this. The same Pc who came to my house in March with two other Pc's Whom, by the way, is under investigation. Of course, he will support Injunction this woman is their friend now. They have to stand by her as they are all complacent in a crime. The worst thing is Police and Criminals are meant to be like two sides to a coin. Not in this case. I was told by Institution themselves that the Inspector I was referring to wasn't an Inspector and had been demoted to being a Sergeant. Sgt. tried to Justify this saying he was acting as an Inspector the time he made the call to me. Yet failed to say he was "acting" (no pun intended Sgt.) as an Inspector making me believe I was dealing with a higher person. I can't count on my fingers how many people infiltrated my life. Harassing me. These criminals on my street became my friends for the sole purpose of feeding information back to the Sgt. Any crime they committed was not investigated and again Gaslighting techniques were used to keep me suppressed. I spoke up for all the crimes and became a Whistleblower. My whole life changed at that point. I have never been one to be intimidated right from being in 2 abusive marriages to now. Yet force against me was exhausting and sucked any life and laughter out of me. I still carried on. Fighting back. Resisting on pressure. This made my fight stronger as now I was sure I won't let criminals get away with what they've done. When you threaten a mother to separate her from her children. You awaken Power she didn't know she had. She will take on the world to protect them and that ignited me to fight back. Shame on the mothers who came into my house with their children. Knowing I cared, cooked and cleaned after them. Mission was their target and they didn't care of my compassion towards them. Hence I became Karma for them. I have been threatened, abused, I have been told to go back to my own country, I have been called a black b. By the same people, I drove to sunbeds as they wanted my tan. Aunty of PCO ex and the other criminals are Asian. Yet the ex of my neighbor too called me a black b. I had to say that's racist and you too are Asian. Who are you calling a black b? He then started to clap. This didn't make sense at first but it fell into place after. My car was criminally damaged 3 times. My door was egged my car was egged, scratched, damaged to the point I was quoted 3k to fix it. My door was tried to pull open whilst the criminal who wanted to hit me and her partner. Who by the way his a 6-foot man and I am a 5-foot woman. One of the men who's ex to aunty of PCO in training or was is Police's favorite alway's in Jail for crimes. Police sided him when I said no matter what happens I'll never call 999. Police said "Don't we won't lose any sleep" Video Evidence of this. PCO's Aunty is my adjacent neighbor was constantly on the lookout for R. What time I get in. How long I am gone. If I go in the back garden she's there. I put bamboo stick's up so she couldn't look at us. I go in the front she's there. Constantly watching me. Ex is round hers all the time as they want him to hurt me. Yet I don't stay in my house because of these people. I try and leave for hours. Now I will stay. Now my blog is out in the open. I won't be driven out. Now that I am seeking Justice I won't stop till Justice is mine. Come what may. I have no fear of fear left. As I stand challenging each, and every lie scrutinised. I used to think I will let karma get these people. Until I realised I am a victim of Police. It's not ordinary street thugs. Help me in my plight. Make everyone aware and stand with me as I fight for Justice. I fight Corruption I fight and fight without getting tired. I have become a one-woman army against so much corruption. Going from Police, workplace, Institution to education and NHS. All becoming involved. All helping Gaslighter Sgt. To admit me or commit me. Well, Sgt. I am here and you're exposed to the world. The crime is yours. The guilt is yours. The involvement is yours. The building an army against one woman is yours. My crime I sought Justice. I have so much evidence in the form of videos. Txt messages. Hence my neighbor's ex was right when he said "You're marked" My story needs to be told to as many people as my fight for Justice continues. I want you all to share and share. Let's all stand against corruption and let's not be traumatized further. Enough is Enough. Breaking the law is a crime. I hold each and everyone accountable for their part in the crime. I have no fear in calling spade a spade. If TRUTH is a crime then arrest me. I won't stop speaking the Truth. You can't take that away from me. No matter how hard you try. Hence you Sgt had to resort to attempting of killing us. It was a ploy to get whomever out the real truth was you wanted ME. I worked it all out and then came on Twitter a few days ago. As I contacted @Lancspolice. I saw his face. The memory came flooding back. It was you I saw. I knew it. This is exactly why housing said don't worry about what goes on in your street their house focus on your children. Deterring me and making me feel like I shouldn't look out my window. I looked out as I had no camera and I can't afford to pay for criminal damages on my car. Yet I was made out to be someone who cares what these people do. If it threatens me and my family then Yes I will lookout. Whether it's my eyes looking or my camera. We are looking! As you have watched me enough. l am watching to see you don't come near me ever again! Truth prevails and Lies vanish. Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for ALL WOMEN. Maya Angelou. Knock me down 9 but I get up 10. 28th July Assault and Battery by Pco in the making. (Sgt. Cisco investigated twice, brushed it under the carpet. Carolyn Rigbye HQ Professional asked me to trust her to overlook Sgt. does his job second time trusted for the same outcome. Evidence from 2 women. 1 lady who has never got involved 1 who became criminal later on) Housing tells me Sgt. is not an Inspector he was demoted "I should stop calling him Inspector. I advised he told me he's the Inspector looking into it! 1st August Aunty of this PCO tries to attempt battery assaulting me. 1 Police van and a couple of cars pull up. They think people have come to remonstrate as there are more than 10 people outside. Outcome? (We will speak to our Sgt. Cisco who's back in tomorrow. They speak to witness 1 who says the same thing yes PCO hit R. (Brushed under the carpet) December Aunties ex-Johnny threatens me he's always arrested by Police for crimes. (This time Police side with him. R swore at me an officer she's "mental") I complain extensively Pc Birchall is a Liar! January 2019 Tarik Khan (aka Johnny) threatens me again "I'm going to come through your door and f### up. Police come they ask me "Why is housing not putting a stop to the madness on this street?" A very good question that I don't have an answer for. Police go to ex's house adjacent to me to speak to Tarik Khan after a while officers return "Right, I'm going, to be honest with you it's not acceptable for you to say something you said to your daughter as their surveillance daughter next door had her camera on focus" "What, officer aren't you going to arrest him for THREATENING ME?" "NO" I became upset "come what may I'll never call 999" "Don't we won't lose any sleep" February 2019 attempted murder all the criminals in one criminal's house. All night she comes to my door calling out a fight. Messenger message video of drunken criminal. Although I said come what may I won't call the police. I went back on my word that night. The police came hours later when criminal was still banging my door. "This b### has called feds, by the end of tonight I'm going to kill this bitch" Night was over it was early hours of the morning but her head's not in the right place. Police SRA states can we put this on hold???? WHY????? Job NOT done?!!!! Police come I explain what happened they both look at each other. "We don't think it's a good idea to go into the criminal's house it might escalate things." "No, go warn them officer do your duty" Police go visit her and I hear shouting "bye love" Police Nathan Pye closes it with Section 4 Public order fear of violence trivialising murder attempt. Sunday afternoon I see 2 men come outside dressed in black with a heavy sports bag making a fast exit in a black tinted Mercedes, I take a good look at the arm tensed up and follow it to see a heavy bag and I start to shake. What did they plan for us last night? Who are these men? hitmen? I couldn't fathom what I witnessed. I again complain extensively. Nothing was done about it. Housing asks me to ignore what goes on in criminals house. I ask housing for permission to install security cameras. Ignored for 3 weeks. My pleading my crying my begging I have children I need to safeguard. All ignored. I send an email to Sgt Cisco and Kim Cougill same time. PLEASE HELP ME. Housing is aiding criminals I need Police help. PC Needham arrives with Pc Sam Martin and a lady. Pc Needham listens to what I have to say about cameras and as I ask him "will you take my complaint against housing" He say's "NO" There's no complaint. I further advise "I will just email my ET Judge and let him know what's happening on the ground" Pc Needham goes red in the face "Who do you think you are? There are protocols, you can't just do that" Well "I will" PC Needham then says "Do you know what I think I think you're mental" I ask them to leave. As he stands outside my house he again comes out with "YOU'RE MENTAL I CAN ARREST YOU RIGHT NOW UNDER MENTAL ACT 137, I WILL GET YOU EVALUATED AND SECTIONED" my daughter comes running downstairs shocked at what she just heard. "Did you just call my mum mental? did you just say you will arrest her?" "Well do you not think your mum has some serious mental problems?" "NO. My mum's not mental and you will not arrest her!" I then said "you're exposed officers I know you're Sgt Cisco's officers" Pc Needham made a fist to hit me he got that angry! I closed the door only within minutes Sgt. Cisco phones me. I ask my daughter to say no my mum doesn't want to speak to you. 28th March aunty of Pco whilst I was painting the fence outside comes and kicks me my head hit's the fence covered in gloss paint. I stand up and she grabs my hair I grab her too. Surveillance daughter comes and tries to grab me I hold both mother and daughter and have a tight grip not going to let go. Housing put an injunction on me and the power of arrest for this incident. I phoned housing had a 45-minute conversation with Mark. Who advised this is a criminal matter you will get a phone call in 24 hours. Did I get a phone call? No the first I heard was court papers in my name hand-delivered for Injunction! April Interim Injunction granted via barrister of mine. I decided I no longer want intercession. No barrister acting for me. I will act myself. I work on my case. April 2019 neighbors kick-off for me putting a block in the back garden to block them out. "Come police arrest her we have an injunction and you have the power of arrest" Police Pc Baldwin one respected officer calls me. I explain the situation. He goes and warns the neighbors. She wants to be left alone and adhere to order. He calls me and explains. I have spoken to them. They want me to speak to you. I know you haven't done anything wrong. Just adhere to order and you will be fine.

May 2019 Johnny Khan threatens me again "You're marked we're coming to get you" I receive a disturbing phone call threats of sexual nature on my daughter. Police advise me to let this one go but if it happens again we will track the call. Criminals voice coming from 4 doors down. "hahahaha R you scared yet" chanting going on in my name. I close my windows and carry on. 1st of August Your Honorable Judge moves Injunction and power of arrest. I fight my case. Your Honourable Judge advises me to bring my neighbours to him he will sign a document to deter further crimes. I am in awe ultimate gratitude and know Justice prevailed. Your Honorable Judge states "you threw a blanket on her, that house is yours belongs to you it's social housing doesn't belong to a private organisation, you can call them 100 times they have to come out to help you, they can bring 8 10 or 100 witnesses. My concern is that 10-year-old boy of yours." Your Honorable Judge saw right through their lies. In my 760 page evidence against them! 3rd of August Police become desperate they visit my mum's house when I'm not there. Pc Needham and Pc Cora. Pc Needham put's his foot through my mum's door, as she tries to close it. "I will arrest your daughter" I get a phone call and ask the officers to step out immediately from my mum's house. I pull up and we have a war of words. Evidence of this day on Youtube. Mash phone me on 6th Aug. Police have sent a report and would like us to check on boys. Speak to them. I have now fully had enough. I ask Mash to check on this officer Needham's kids as it's him who assaulted me. No one will intervene without a court order! Do you want to see me? Bring an order or warrant! You don't get to see me as and when you please. No more criminal activity against me!!!!! No more abusing power!!! No more using the system to get to me via my children!!!!!! NO MORE !!!!!! JUSTICE 4 R The trial on 1st of August for Injunction and power of arrest. Didn't go to plan. There's no Injunction and no power of arrest. Your Honours saw right through their lies. I won that case. Police are now on their own. As Justice for R continues.